It’s Cocktail Month in London!

It’s undeniable the weather affects our mood – it can really make the work day drag. But just because our days may involve us being shackled to our desks...

staring longingly out at the beaming sunshine or dejectedly at the pounding rain, that doesn’t mean our evenings have to be spent in a similar fashion.

We say, have a glass of liquid sunshine this evening! Get ready to leave that report on your desk and forget about your worries for a couple of hours. It’s time to grab some friends, pull up some seats, and relax. It’s Cocktail month in London and Victoria Place has got the perfect place for you to chill out with friends, because Café Rouge’s new Gin Blooms are calling your name. Unwind with delicate notes of elderflower petals, or enjoy the fresh and revitalising zing of grapefruit & orange. And if quirky twists aren’t your thing there’s always the definitive G&T with a touch of lemon.

Really fancy a classic cocktail? Well, get ready to be seated because Prezzo and Frankie & Benny’s has got you covered. They’ve got those classic cocktails you’ve been thinking about since four o’clock, when your pal suggested some after work drinks. Whether it’s a Cosmopolitan, an Ameretto Sour, a Long Island Iced Tea or something a little more quirky like a Salted Caramel Martini or a Spiced Hurricane – if that’s what you fancy.

So drop that blue ink biro, close your notebook, log off, and un do those shackles around your ankles. It’s time to let your hair down.