ObeyYourBody has opened!

Ladies and gentlemen get ready to be put in sync with the natural rhythms of your body and start getting that glowing skin you’ve always dreamed off.

The holistic skincare specialists at ObeyYourBody have landed in Victoria Place and are ready to share all their secret beauty knowledge from their very own kiosk in the centre. These beauty gurus specialise in using nature’s most effective ingredients in order to create the ultimate skincare products to match your modern lifestyle. From silky milk cleansers and renewing face serums, to their Disobey Men’s collection, and their Dark Beauty collection designed especially for darker skin tones, ObeyYourBody prides themselves on being experts in all areas of skincare.

So next time you’re passing through, come and discover the wonders of natural skincare at ObeyYourBody… 

Open from 9.00 AM till 11.00 PM. 

ObeyYourBody logo linking to store